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Penwith Radio has evolved with the help of Penwith Older People’s forum, youth groups and with the assistance of Penwith District Council before unitary authority status was attained by Cornwall Council.

It is a social company with a board of directors presently led by Alan Shepherd as chair of the board of directors.

The station is supported by a team of volunteers who have trained in a wide range of media skills including presenting, editing, recording, office management, technical development, programme making and journalism.

There is a wide range of output covering community issues, arts and specialist music programmes.

The station is committed to all aspects of social inclusion and environmental sustainability. The community radio aims to encourage the personal development of volunteers and to respond to the concerns of people in the Penwith area.

Originally internet-based with a world-wide coverage, Penwith Radio was awarded an Ofcom licence for FM coverage and now broadcasts on 96.5 and 97.2 FM.

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As well as 96.5 and 97.2 FM locally, you can listen to Penwith Radio through our official app available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Click here to download the app, or search for ‘Penwith Radio’ on your device’s app store.

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paypalYour community radio station is run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, almost entirely by volunteers. We welcome any support you can offer, either practically by volunteering or financially. If you would like to support your local station, you can donate through PayPal using this button.

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